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Hampi UtsavThe Hampi Festival or Hampi Utsav, also known as the Vijaya Utsav, is celebrated every year in the month of January (earlier it used to be held in early November) at Hampi in Karnataka, which was the capital of the Vijayanagara empire and is now a World Heritage Site. This festival is being celebrated from the times of the Vijayanagara reign. The January 2010 festival commemorated the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Sri Krishna Devaraya, the renowned king of the Vijayanagara dynasty. Renowned classical dance exponents and Carnatic musicians perform at the festival. Local handicrafts are also displayed and leather puppet shows are organised on the margins of the festival. The two kilometer path near the Virupaaksha Temple, which was known as the Raja Marga, is decorated with themes of the Vijayanagara period. A concert of folk songs known as "Janapada Kalavahini" is a special attraction among the visitors. "Jumbo Savaris" or elephant rides are organised in Hospet and other towns. The festival has been rechristened as the "Nada Utsava" by the Karnataka Government.

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