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Avatar Bhatt

Avatar Bhatt was a court-poet to King Zain-ul-Abidin and a noted scholar of Sanskrit and Persian.  <more>

Dina Nath Nadim

Nadim (1916-1988) is considered to be one of the greatest and influential poets of the 20th century Kashmir.  <more>

Ghulam Ahmed Mahjoor


Mahjoor (1885-1952) is considered to be the pioneer of the modern Kashmiri poetry.  <more>

Lal Ded

Lal Ded or Lalleshwari was the greatest saint-poetess of Kashmir during the 14th century  <more>

Mahmud Gami

Gami (1765-1855) introduced in Kashmiri the Persian forms of the masnavi and ghazal.  <more>

Maqbool Shah Kralawari

Maqbool Shah Kralawari (1820-1876) is considered as the finest lyricist of the 19th century Kashmir.  

Parmananda (1791-1885) is renowned for his three epic poems, Radha Swayamwara  <more>

Rasool Mir

Rasool Mir (d. 1870) was one of the most beloved of the poets of Kashmir.  

Samad Mir
Samad Mir (1894-1959) was a sufi-mystic poet who is remembered for his outstanding work Akanandun  <more>

Sheikh Noor-ud-din

Noor ud din (1378-1438), also known as Sheikh-ul-Alam, established the rishi cult or the 'Order of Rishis'.  



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