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Kalighat PaintingsThe Kalighat painting flourished from 1830-1930 and is regarded as the most authentic art form of the period in Kolkata (Calcutta). Earlier, the general term Patuas of Kalighat was being used for the paintings, as these were believed to be influenced heavily by the artwork of the Bengal's village patuas, who had settled in an area called Patuapura near the Kalighat temple. These paintings, which are executed in water-colours, have intense vitality and voluptuous line that gives a unique sensuality of the full-rounded forms to the subject. It has diverse themes ranging from the full iconography of the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon to the common men and women in day-to-day life in Kolkata.

The performing arts like jatra, padavali, swang and kirtan had profound influence on the themes of the Kalighat paintings.

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