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Bihu: The ‘Bihu is the most widespread folk dance of Assam. The dance is part of the harvest festival of Bihu that comes in mid-April. The participants are young men and girls, who dance together, without mixing of the sexes. The dancers use drums and pipes as the accompanying instruments.


Chaudang Hussari: It is a group dance performed by boys and girls of the ‘Ahom’ tribe.


Keli Gopal: It is a folk dance depicting Lord Krishna.


Khamba Lim: It is a performed during harvests by a male and female dancer.


Lakhon Puza: It is a dance of the ‘Lalung’ tribe.


Mishing Bihu: This dance is associated with the ‘Ali-Ali Lignos festival of the ‘Mishmi’ tribes of Assam. It depicts the various stages of cultivation from sowing till reaping.


Nat Puja: It is performed with a sword in the hand to please Lord Shiva.


Nruira Lim: It is a cock-fight dance.


Rakhal Lila: It is performed during holi.


Table Chongbi: It is also performed during holi.




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