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 Bakayang:  The Kinnauri men and women perform this dance as a prelude to the ‘Dakyang.


Bonyangchu: It is a carefree dance of the Kinnauri men.


Birshi Naati: This is a folk dance of Rampur district.


Burah: This is a macho martial dance in which men flourish their ‘dangras (axes) in big open movements.


Chham Chhanak: It is the devotional Buddhist dance of the Lahul and Spiti region.


Charba: It is performed by the Gaddi women.


Chohara:  This is a joyful dance of the Kinnauras, which is performed on almost all the festive occasions with the participation of both men and women.


Dakyang: It is usually performed in the ‘gompas during festivals.


Dangi: Dangi is a lively women's dance of the Chhatrari village in Chamba.


Dodra Kawar: This is an agricultural dance of Lahaul and Spiti.


Gafila: It is a dance for couples performed in Lahaul and Spiti.


Gee Dance: This dance is performed during the festival of Lohri.


Losar Shona Chuksam: It is an agricultural festival dance performed by the Kinnauris.


Kariyala: It is a dance drama akin to a theatrical performance by professional artistes.


Kayang:  Kayang is a folk dance of the Kinnaur district where men and women dance in semi-circles around the musicians.


Lama Devil dance: It is one of the most attractive dances of the Kinnauri tribals, where the masked dancers are dressed like lions.


Losar Shona Chuksam : This is an agricultural dance of Kinnaur that takes its name from ‘Losar or the Tibetan New Year.


Mahasu:  It is performed by the ‘Gaddis (shepherds) of Himachal Pradesh.


Naati: The ‘Naati is a popular male dance of Kullu.


Namagen:  This dance is performed in September to celebrate the autumn.


Rasa: The Rasa is a dance from Sirmaur, where the dancers form chains (‘pindi-bandhas) or concentric circles and sing songs depicting love stories. This dance should not be confused with the Manipuri Ras or the ‘rasa’ dances of Braj.


Shaboo: The ‘Shaboo is danced on festive occasions in Lahaul and Spiti.


Shunto: It is a male dance of Lahaul-Spiti, where the dancers also sing in praise of Lord Buddha.


Sikri: This is a women's dance performed during the Suhi fair held in the Spring Season.


Singhi: The ‘Singhi or snow lion is a Buddhist dance performed to ensure peace and prosperity.

   Thoda:  It is a dance of archery.

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