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Basant Ras:

It is performed during full moon in March-April.

Diva Ras:

It is performed during daytime.

Inthona Lam:

It is a festival dance of the Tarao tribe.


It is performed by the Kom tribes.

Laiharaoba Dance:

It is an ancient village dance, which is the fountainhead of the modern Manipuri dance form.

Khamba Thoibi Dance:

It is a duet of male and female partners, a dance of dedication to the sylvan deity, Thangjing of Moirang.


It is performed during full moon nights in December

Maibi Dance:

It is the dance performed by the Meiteis during the festival of Lai-Haraoba.

Nupa Pala:

Nupa Pala, which is otherwise known as Kartal Cholom or Cymbal Dance, is a group performance of male partners, using cymbals and wearing snow white ball-shaped large turbans, who sing and dance to the accompaniment of Pung or Manipuri Mridanga.

Pung Cholom:

This dance form owes its origin to 'Kirtan' of Sri Chaitanya. It is performed as an invocatory number preceding the Sankirtana and Ras Lila. It is a highly refined classical dance number characterised by the modulation of sound from a soft whisper to a thunderous climax. There is the interplay of intricate rhythms and cross rhythms with varying markings of time from the slow to the quick with graceful and vigorous body movements. Thambal Chongbi: It is performed during Holi in moon-lit nights.


This is one of the most thrilling dances of Manipur and is performed by young men with swords and shields. Yumsarol, Pae-S-Jogoi, Lai Haroba and Ras Lila are the other important dance forms of Manipur.




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