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Bandha, Chhau, Jatra Ghat, Kamana Ghat, Odissi (Batu Ntriya, Nartana, Natangi), Maya Shavari, Ruk Mar Nacha, Danda-nata, Chaitighoda, Dalkhai, Medha (mask dance), Paika Nritya (battle dance), Karma dance, Bahaka Wata and Goti Pua are the important dance forms of Orissa.


Bandha is considered as "the forgotten forerunner of the lyrical Odissi". Practised by Gotipua dancers and characterised by acrobatic poses, bandha is now flourishing in places like Raghurajpur, Konark, and Pithapur in Puri district and some akahdas (gymnasiums) in the heart of Orissa. Bandha is characterised by intricate postures of the body. Aloka Kanungo, the renowned Odissi danseuse, is trying the fusion of the traditional bandha with modern Odissi.


This vigorous dance is performed by women of some of the tribes in Sambalpur, Barghar and Sonepur districts in Orissa at the time of seasonal festivals. It is mostly performed in the Oriya month of aswina during the Durga Puja festival. A dummy horse version is the Chaiti Ghorha, danced by a community of fishermen.

Goti Pua:

Towards the end of the 16th century, the tradition of Goti Pua, or boy dancers gained popularity in Orissa. The goti puas are boy dancers who dress up as girls. They are the students of the akhadas, or gymnasia, established by Ramachandradeva in Puri, in the periphery of the temple. As they were offshoots of the akhada system, goti puas also came to be known as akhada pilas - boys attached to akhadas. The goti puas always dance in pairs. Goti puas are now part of professional teams, known as dals, each headed by a guru. A goti pua presentation is ably supported by a set of three musicians, who play the pakhawaj, the gini or cymbals and the harmonium. The boys do the singing themselves, though at times the group has an additional singer. The goti pua performance may include items like Panchadevta Puja, Bhumi Pranam and Battu. A goti pua performance usually commences with Bhumi Pranam (salutation to Mother Earth), and wraps up with Bidahi Sangeet, a farewell song and dance item. The whole performance lasts around three hours.


It is performed by the Bhoomiyas.


It is performed by the Hos tribals of Chotta Nagpur.

Ranapa Dance:

It is performed with sticks by shepherds of Ganjham district.


This is performed by people of the Sambhalpur district of Orissa on various festive occasions.


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