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Brita or Vrita Dance:

It is one of the most important traditional folk dances of Bengal. It is performed by the barren women of Bengal, as a mark of gratitude to the God after their wish of conceiving a child is fulfilled. Quite often, this dance is performed after recovery from contagious diseases.

Gaudiya Nritya:

Gaudiya Nritya is the revived form of a forgotten dance form of West Bengal. It was revived as a result of the efforts of Dr. Mohua Mukherjee. Hundreds of exquisite dancing figures, painstakingly carved in terracotta on the pillars and panels of the 17th century Hansheshwari temple situated in Bansberia in the Hoogly district of West Bengal, are responsible for reviving this classical dance form which had been lost and forgotten. 'Gaudiya Nritya' is characterized by soft, sensual and graceful movements, combined with bold ideas full of conviction and a sense of power. Gaudiya Nritya depends heavily on a blend of the folk - classical music tradition.

Kali Nach:

This is another dance performed during Gajan, in honour of the Goddess Kali. Here, the performer wears a mask, purified by mantras, and dances with a sword, and when worked up can make prophetic answers.

Rava Dance:

Rava dance is from the northern part of West Bengal. These dances are performed mainly by the Rava women. Their dances include Fai Nang Mein or Welcome Dance, Nak Chung Baini or the dances evocative of catching prawn, Baishar Bidan or New Year’s Dance and Larai Lunji or War Dance. Dances of Rava Community are colourful and rhythmic accompanied by melodious music. The themes include things connected with their daily lives and joys of various festivals.




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