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Indian Culture

India is a country of various religions and caste our culture tells us just one thing 'phir bhi dil hai Hindustani '.

Culturopedia is an Encyclopaedia of India’s Culture, Art, Architecture, Heritage, Customs, Music, Dance, Traditions and Indian Food. It tries to expose you to the culture and heritage of India, its customs and people, arts, crafts and architectural styles.

On this website on India, we cover the national symbols of India, India’s architecture, arts & crafts of India, Indian Movies, fairs & festivals of India, fashion industry in India, honours & awards, Indian dance, Indian music, institutions & organisations, the languages of India, literature of India, painting in India, the performing arts of India, India’s famous personalities, places & monuments, religions of India, Theatre in India, tribes of India, sports in India and the India Media Guide.

Indian culture and Indian culture and the heritage of India is respected and admired the world over. We bring you closer to understanding this ancient culture of India, as well as introduce you to modern India and what constitutes it.

If you have questions like: What are Bollywood Movies, what is Indian Culture, India’s plural society, what are Indian dances, what is Indian music, how many Indian languages are there, the richness of Indian literature, depth of Indian traditions, taste of Indian food, tourist places and many interesting facts on India, then this is the right place for you. Just jump to the contents.