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The Orissa government has instituted several awards in the field of culture. Some of the important awards include ‘Atibadi Jagannath Das Award’ (Orissa Sahitya Akademi Award), ‘Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja Award’ (Orissa Sangeet Natak Akademi Award), Jayadev Award and Mohan Sundar Dev Goswami Award (both are film awards), Konark Samman, Saraswati Puraskar and Fakir Mohan Sahityashree Puraskar.

Konark Samman:

Konark Samman was instituted in 1990 by Odisha (formerly Orissa) State Council of Culture. This is a national-level honour presented annually for outstanding lifetime contribution to the growth of art, culture, dance, music, and architecture in India. The award now carries a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.

Some of previous recipients of Konark Samman include Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasia (1995) and Bijay Mishra (1994).

This award should be confused with another award of the same name — Konark Samman — instituted in 1990 by Prafulla Pathagar (Library), Jagatsinghpur which focuses on social and cultural upliftment, with categories including popularising Oriya literature, rural leadership, and leadership in rural education. The award comprises of a cash component of Rs 50,000 and a plaque with a symbol of the sun and the seven horses of the sun chariot.

Atibadi Jagannath Das Puraskar:

Atibadi Jagannath Das Puraskar is the highest literary honour presented by the Odisha Sahitya Akademi (Odisha Academy of Literature). and is given for exceptional contributions to Odia language literature by a writer or poet.  This Award was instituted in 1993 and named after the 15th-century Odia poet Atibadi Jagannath Das, also known as Atibadi (greatest).  The award carries a cash prize of ₹5 lakh, a citation, shawl and memento.
Some of the recent recipients of Atibadi Jagannath Das Puraskar include:
2015 –   Madhusudan Pati
2016 –   Bibhuti Patnaik
2017 –   Rabi Singh
2018 –   Ramakanta Rath
2019 –   Binapani Mohanty
2020 –   Ramachandra Behera
2021 –   Pratibha Ray
2022 –  Sitakant Mahapatra


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