Crafts Council of India

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The Crafts Council of India (CCI), which was established by Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay in 1976, is a registered non-profit voluntary organisation working for the welfare of crafts persons and the preservation and development of handicrafts. It has its headquarters in Chennai. CCI is affiliated to the World Crafts Council and it itself has ten State Councils affiliated to it. The Crafts Council of India strives to fulfil the needs of crafts persons, protecting craft traditions and providing a bridge between India’s craft heritage and the challenges of a contemporary milieu.



Dastkar is a registered society, based in New Delhi and founded in 1981, which aims at improving the economic status of craftspeople and promoting the survival of traditional crafts. Dastkar believes in “craft as a social, cultural and economic force that has enormous strength and potential and has a vital role to play in the country’s economy”. Dastkar guides the process of developing a craft – from identifying the skill and creating awareness of its potential in both craftsperson and consumer, developing, designing, costing and then marketing the product, and finally guiding the crafts persons on the proper utilization of the income generated. It organises workshops, exhibitions and bazaars to promote crafts. It also helps the craftspeople in exporting their crafts abroad. Laila Tyabji is the current Chairperson of Dastkar.

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