Folk Dances of Assam

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The ‘Bihu’ is the most widespread folk dance of Assam, which is part of the harvest festival of Bihu (mid-April). The participants are young men and girls, who dance together, without mixing of the sexes.

Chaudang Hussari​:

Chaudang Hussari is a group dance of the ‘Ahom’ tribe. 

Keli Gopal ​:

Keli Gopal is a folk dance depicting Lord Krishna. 

Khamba Lim:

Khamba Lim is a dance that is performed during harvests.

Mishing Bihu:

Mishing Bihu dance is associated with the ‘Ali-Ali Lignos festival’ of the ‘Mishmi’ tribes. It depicts various stages of cultivation from sowing till reaping.

The other important dances of Assam include ‘Lakhon Puza’, ‘Nat Puja’, ‘Nruira Lim’, ‘Rakhal Lila’ and ‘Table Chongbi’.

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