Folk Dances of Gujarat

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Dandiya Raas:

Dandiya Raas is a rhythmic dance performed by people moving around in a circle in measured steps to the beat of ‘dandiya’ sticks. ‘Gof Gunthan’, ‘Matka Nritya’ and ‘Mer Dance’ are its variations.

Dharmar and Hamchi Dances:

Dharmar and Hamchi Dances are energetic and fast tempoed dances performed by the Siddis or Abysinnians who are people of African origin.


Garba is the leading dance of women in Gujarat, which is associated with the fertility cult. For the nine ‘Navaratri’ nights women perform this simple, circular dance in the honour of goddess ‘Amba’.


Garbi ​:

Garbi is similar to Garba but is performed by men.


Thakaria is a post-harvest dance performed by ‘Adivasis’. 


Tippani is a dance performed by women from parts of Saurashtra in which they sing and beat the floor with wooden mallets, while swirling their skirts.

Gheria, Jhumar and Padhar are other popular folk dances of Gujarat.

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