Folk Dances of Manipur

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Laiharaoba Dance​:

Laiharaoba Dance is an ancient village dance considered as the fountainhead of modern Manipuri.

Maibi Dance:

Maibi Dance is the dance performed by the ‘Meiteis’ during the festival of ‘Lai-Haraoba’.

Nupa Pala:

Nupa Pala’ or ‘Kartal Cholom’ (Cymbal Dance) is a group performance of male partners, who sing and dance to the accompaniment of ‘Pung’ or ‘Manipuri Mridanga’.

 Pung Cholom ​:

 Pung Cholom is a highly refined classical dance form that owes its origin to ‘Kirtan’ of Sri Chaitanya. It is performed as an invocatory number preceding the ‘Sankirtana’ and ‘Ras Leela’. 

The other important folk dances of Manipur include ‘Basant Ras’, ‘Diva Ras’, ‘Inthona Lam’, ‘Lam-Kut-Lam’, ‘Khamba Thoibi’, ‘Maharas’, ‘Thambal Chongbi’, ‘Thang-ta’, ‘Yumsarol’, ‘Pae-S-Jogoi’, and ‘Lai Haroba’.

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