Folk Dances of Punjab

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The major folk dance forms of Punjab are ‘Bhangra’, ‘Dankara’, ‘Dhamal’, ‘Gatka’, ‘Gidda’, ‘Jaago’, ‘Jhummir’ (‘Jhumar’), ‘Julli’, ‘Luddi’, ‘Kikli’ and ‘Saami’. The other popular folk dances of Punjab include ‘Dankara’ or ‘Gaatka’, ‘Dhamal’ and ‘Jago’, ‘Jhulli’, ‘Kikli’, ‘Luddi’ and ‘Sammi’.


Bhangra is one of most popular folk dances of India, which is associated with the harvest festival of Baisakhi. The costumes worn by the dancers are very colourful, depicting the spring season.


Gidda is the counterpart of Bhangra and is danced by womenfolk.

Jhummir (Jhumar)​:

Jhummir (Jhumar) is an old dialectical folk dance form of Punjab that originated in Baluchistan in Pakistan. After Partition, the dance faded away from the Indian Punjab, except in parts of Ferozepur district, where it is practised by some Rai Sikh migrants from Pakistan. Unlike the fast-paced and vigorous Bhangra, ‘jhummir’ is a slower, more rhythmic dance and is usually performed by men.

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