Folk Dances of Tamil Nadu

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‘Karakattam’, ‘Kummiattam’, ‘Kolattam’, ‘Pinnal kolattam’ and ‘Poikkaalguthirai’ are important folk dance forms in Tamil Nadu.


Kargam is performed by men, who balance pots filled with uncooked rice. ‘Kolattam’ is a variation of this dance, which is also associated with the fertility cult.



Kummi dance is performed by the women who gather in a circle and clap their hands.


Kuravanji is performed by the wandering girls. 

Poikkal Kuthirai ​:

Poikkal Kuthirai dance involves false-legged dummy horse. 

Puli Vesham​:

As part of the Muslim observance of Muharram, men disguised as tigers go about in the streets dancing what is known as ‘Puli Vesham’ or Tiger Disguise.

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