Charkula is a folk dance of the Braj region.


Chhapeli folk dance is performed at weddings by holding mirrors and handkerchiefs.

Dhurang (Dhuring):

Dhurang (Dhuring) dance is performed by the ‘Doms’ and the ‘Bhotiyas’ and is connected with death ceremonies.


Diwali and Pai Danda ​:

Diwali and Pai Danda are typical of the Bundelkhand region. 

Kajri ​:

Kajri is a peasant dance offered as thanksgiving after a good crop.

Rai and Shaira ​:

Rai and Shaira are folk dances of the Bundelkhand region.

‘Karan’, ‘Nautanki’ and ‘Raslila’ are other popular dance forms of Uttar Pradesh.


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