Performing Arts of Kerala

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Chakyarkoothu or Koothu: It is one of the oldest classical theatre arts of Kerala.

Kaalavela: It is a spectacular procession of huge, gaudily decorated motifs of bulls.

Kakkarissi Natakam: It is a folk dramatic form.

Kalampattu or Kalamezhuthu pattu: It is performed by 5-15 people in Bhadrakali and Ayyappa temples.

Kalarippayattu: Kalarippayattu, the martial art form of Kerala, is a symbol of courage, valour and pride. Men have always been in the forefront of Kalarippayattu from time immemorial with the exception of Unniyarcha and in the recent times Hemalatha, who is regarded as the ‘Queen of Kalaripayattu’.

Kaliyoottu: It is an eight-day long colourful folk ritual which re-enacts the combat between goddess Durga and the demon Darika.

Kanniyarkali or Deshathukali: It is a ritual art and a swift dance form.

Kettukazhcha: It is a spectacular pageant of colourfully decorated effigies of gods and goddesses.

Mayilnritham or Mayilattom: It is a ritual art performed by artistes in peacock costume in Subramanya Temples in South Kerala.

Padayani: It is a colourful ritual art which is symbolic of the victory march of goddess Kali after she defeated the demon Darika.

Patakam: It is a kind of dance-drama.

Poothamkali or Pootham: It is a folk art more commonly performed in the Bhagavathy temples of Malappuram.

Thattumelkoothu: It is a devotional folk art form.

Velakali: It is a martial folk art form.

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